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  • We provide comprehensive legal advice on the establishment, formation and operation of legal entities. We also advise on not-for-profit organisations such as associations, foundations, endowment funds and institutes.
  • We assist foreign companies with entry into the Czech market.
  • We provide ongoing company administration including the appointment or dismissal of corporate body members, amendments of the company’s registered capital, organisation of general meetings, preparation of annual reports and report on relations.
  • We assist in company structure optimisation and operational rules, including provisions governing remuneration and the powers of the corporate body members. We specialise in advising on relations within company holdings and multinational corporate groups.
  • We prepare amendments of founding documents and company statutes and draft service agreements (i.e. agreements on the performance of office) and shareholders’ agreements.
  • We advise on how best to reduce your company’s risk of criminal liability in the event of a criminal offence committed by an employee or member of the management. We prepare effective criminal compliance programs and provide comprehensive employee training.
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Contact our expert on corporate law: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096

Real Property

  • We draft purchase agreements and donation agreements, and offer legal escrow for the purchase price. We review agreements presented by the other party and negotiate the best terms for you.
  • We draft contracts relating to development projects, new commercial premises and private residences/accommodation. We provide advice regarding project finance.
  • We will represent you in planning and building proceedings and make all requisite communications with state administrative bodies.
  • We prepare lease and sublease agreements tailored to the client’s needs and the specifics of the property in question. We take into account all significant matters to maximise your protection in the event of any issues arising with other parties.
  • We will arrange the entry or deletion of your rights in the property register, including mortgages and easements.
  • We deal with relations and disputes arising among co-owners, within housing cooperatives and associations of unit owners.
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Contact our expert on corporate law: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096


  • We prepare and review all the contracts you need for your business - contracts with third parties and contracts with your business partners. We draft general business terms and conditions specially tailored to your needs.
  • We will provide a legal analysis of whatever problem you face, keeping in mind the financial and tax implications. We focus on practical solutions. Our starting point is the detailed knowledge of the client and the relevant market.
  • We advise senior management on how to act ‘with the care of a prudent business person’ to prevent personal liability for any loss. We help to establish and maintain internal business processes.
  • We provide high quality advice and assistance on employee relations to significantly reduce the risk of any labour law disputes.
  • We provide advice on personal data protection. We can conduct a personal data protection audit at your company and establish measures to ensure compliance with the provisions of the GDPR.
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Contact our expert on business law: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096


  • We will analyse your case and advise you on the best approach. We will assess the likelihood of winning a legal dispute and the related risks.
  • We will represent you before all courts and tribunals in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have many years of experience in this area and we have won many hundreds of disputes, so we can provide you with genuine assistance.
  • If so required, we will represent you during negotiations with the other party to achieve an out-of-court settlement.
  • We will guide you through the arbitration process. Whether it's domestic or international arbitration, we ensure thorough preparation and skilled advocacy to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Our track record in arbitration showcases our proficiency in navigating complex disputes outside traditional court settings.
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Contact our expert on litigation: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096

Intellectual Property

  • We provide contractual protection for your creation whether you are an artist, designer or architect. We prepare agreements on software development and subsequent client implementation.
  • We help to provide effective protection for your know-how and business secrets. We draft confidentiality agreements and non-competition provisions.
  • Do you wish to protect your products and ideas from misuse by competitors? We provide assistance with the process of registering your trademark, patent, utility model or industrial design.
  • Has someone used your brand name, work or know-how without permission? We will represent you in proceedings for infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Prevent your domain being ‘stolen’. We have successfully represented clients in disputes on domain names including proceedings before the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic.
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Contact our expert on corporate law: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • We provide comprehensive advice on mergers & acquisitions. We will alert you to the risks arising from a potential transaction and provide an expert opinion on the consequences, including tax implications.
  • We will advise you regarding the sale or purchase of a share or interest in a company. We negotiate and draft all transaction documents.
  • We arrange all types of corporate transformations including mergers and divisions of companies.
  • We assist foreign companies with entry into the Czech market.
  • We will advise you in connection with the transfer of a business enterprise or other transactions relating to property owned by your company.
  • We can conduct a legal audit or due diligence.
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Contact our expert on mergers & acquisitions: JUDr. Ladislav Zvolský ml., Ph.D. zvolsky@akzvolsky.cz +420 776 895 096

Public Procurement, Concessions and Innovation

  • We advise both the contracting authorities and suppliers in the field of public procurement. We will represent you not only in the process of awarding public contracts through electronic tools, but also in the settlement of objections or in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition.
  • We prepare and comprehensively administer procurement and concession procedures, including less common institutes, such as innovation partnerships, preliminary market consultations or PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement). We draft and review contracts in these areas as well
  • We analyse conditions of project co-financing from various subsidy programs or EU funds and their impact on the entire procurement procedure.
  • We set up contractual relations in the area of sectoral industries with a special focus on the area of water supply.
  • We help our clients with innovative projects and projects with "smart-city" elements.
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Contact our expert on public procurement, concessions and innovation: Mgr. Jan Toman jan.toman@akjato.cz +420 721 846 800

Water Law and Utility Law

  • We provide comprehensive counselling based on our almost twenty years of experience in the field of water supply. Our clients are mainly municipalities and businesses but also dedicated legal entities and individuals.
  • We specialize in the areas of ownership and operational relations in water management and property management, both under the Water Act and the Act on Water Supply and Sewerage for Public Use.
  • We will analyse your problem and provide you with customized solution whether you are a customer requiring legal advice or support in protecting your rights and interests.
  • We represent clients in legal disputes concerning the establishment of relations in the fields of sectoral activities, energy and heating.
  • We perform corporate due diligence and provide comprehensive legal services regarding small and medium-sized M&A projects.
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Contact our expert on water law and utility law: Mgr. Jan Toman jan.toman@akjato.cz +420 721 846 800

Inheritance and Family Law

  • We help our clients with property arrangements for the event of death. We will recommend you suitable wording of a will or deed of disinheritance and ensure its storage in the Central Register kept by the Notary Chamber of the Czech Republic.
  • We will guide you comprehensively through the area of inheritance law, including less frequently used institutes, such as the alienation of inheritance or a contract of inheritance. We provide our services also in inheritance proceedings with an international element.
  • We will represent you as an heir in the inheritance proceedings, prepare an action to determine that the will is invalid or help you exercise your rights as an indispensable heir.
  • We draft proposals for divorce according to the client’s requirements, together with agreements on the adjustment of property relations and agreements on the adjustment of minor children.
  • We prepare petitions to enforce maintenance or to change the regulation of childcare. We represent clients in disputes over the determination of paternity and in the exercise of related rights.
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Contact our expert on inheritance and family law: JUDr. Pavlína Siberová pavlina.siberova@seznam.cz +420 776 089 398