Established 1990

Our vision

We form a fixed point that will provide you with perfect legal assistance whenever and wherever required. We have done so for thirty years and intend to do so for another thirty years. We have a truly personal approach because all our partners perform the work themselves as members of a stable team. We have a close knowledge of each client and their needs. This means we can deal with any matters which arise in the optimal way with minimum stress for the client.
We are dedicated to preserving your trust.

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Our approach

Partnership. We rely on the relationships we have painstakingly built over a long period with our clients. We seek to work ever closer with other advisors in the Czech Republic and all over the world.
Professionalism. An excellent knowledge of the law is a matter of course. We always seek to find the most practical solution which will genuinely most benefit the client.
Probity. We defend our clients vigorously but honestly. We always observe the law and ethical code. Despite, or perhaps because of this, we tend to succeed where others’ underhand practices fail.

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